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Companies pay over Trillions in penalties and fines yearly.

We Digitize and Automate Notice Management Resolution.

Our Software saves CFO Millions.


NOTICENINJA is the premier Digital Notice Compliance Platform for tracking, monitoring, and responding to mandatory government and agency communications. Our objective is turning our current industry-tested, in-revenue software into a cloud-based SaaS model to unlock the $134 Billion EGRC US market.




In the US alone, there are more than 10,000 tax jurisdictions and 89,000 local governments. As businesses grow, they must maintain compliance with tax notices to government mandates for each of these entities.


Currently, companies attempt to track these vital, physical documents through a series of disconnected spreadsheets. Each notice takes, on average, 10 minutes to manually process using existing solutions. When notices inevitably get lost, they can result in millions of dollars of fines, subject to aggressive interest rates of 1% per day.


Our Solution


NOTICENINJA SaaS is the only commercially available digital notice compliance platform, that is a stand-alone, global agency notice management, and compliance system. It is built specifically for corporate tax and compliance professionals with tracking of federal, state, city, local, and international agency notifications, in addition to Sales and Use, Oil and Gas, ACA, and any other agency notifications sent to businesses.


NOTICENINJA SaaS enables automatic processing of agency notices, which has allowed our clients to save thousands of dollars and hours. A case study , shows how one client processed nearly 30,000 agency notices in a month with only a hand full of employees using our solution, which previously required 40 employees over 6 weeks to complete.

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