Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is NoticeNinja an online system?

A: Yes, NOTICENINJA is a cloud-based Saas solution

Q: Can it manage local and city notifications?

A: Yes, NOTICENINJA can manage notifications from any location in the U.S. or around the globe.

Q: Can NOTICENINJA manage multiple tax periods?

A: Yes, it manages notices from multiple tax periods and years.

Q: Does it have template letters?

A: Yes, the system comes with preformatted letters for account and agency communications.

Q: Can it generate reports to show how things are going?

A: Yes, NOTICENINJA has dashboards and reports to help manage the workload and notice volume.

Q: Can NOTICENINJA create an alert or follow up?

A: Yes, you can create an alert at the account level that will pop up when anyone opens a screen associated with the account.

Q: Does it allow me to change my workflows?

A: Yes, all workflows can be customized to meet individual client needs.

Q: Can I add in other dropdown options on the app?

A: Yes, all dropdown menus can be modified by the users to meet their unique needs.

Q: Does NOTICENINJA automatically assign notices?

A: Yes, we have a rule-based system that can manage multiple level rules.

Q: Can it track agency calls and hold times?

A: Yes, through its call agency function, NOTICENINJA tracks who called, when they called, and how long each call lasted for.

Q: Can NOTICENINJA track agency agents (contacts) with phone and email?

A: Yes, it has a module to track and manage all agency contacts and other related information.

Q: Can it track agency PIN/FIN login and passwords?

A: Yes, at the system level for CAF# and at the user level for individual IDs.

Q: Can I add notes on how to manage individual notice?

A: Yes, in the notice guidance, users can add notes for all to see when managing a workflow.

Q: Does NOTICENINJA track the agency form numbers (CP200)?

A: Yes, it has a library of all agency form numbers in the system; if one is not already there, you can add it in.

Q: Does your company have a system that can be installed?

A: Yes, if you need to use an installed program, we also offer ANTS.

Q: Can any of your solutions be used for notifications from other countries?

A: Yes, both NOTICENINJA and ANTS can manage notices from any country.

Q: Does your company offer services to help with backlogs?

A: Yes, we offer services to help our clients when they face more notices than they have the staff to manage them—we can step in and help close out the backlog.

Q: Does your company provide any other services?

A: Yes, we offer consulting services to better manage agency notices and other related functions within the tax department. Need a list of services? We will provide them upon request.

Automate 35% – 45% of your tax notice management and compliance within 45 days.

Markets served include corporations, service providers, CPA’s and compliance firms.

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