Image to show the scan to capture technology

Scan to Capture

Scan to Capture technology utilizes optical character recognition (OCR) to extract text from scanned documents and digitize it into structured data. This not only reduces the risk of manual data entry errors, but also makes it easier to search, store, and retrieve information. Additionally, by automating the notice management process, your company can more effectively maintain compliance with regulations and minimize the risk of missing important deadlines. 


Scan to Capture technology provides a number of benefits that can help improve the efficiency and accuracy of your company's notice management process.

Image to show the workflow & task management

Workflow & Task Management

The Workflow & Task Management feature in NOTICENINJA streamlines the process of handling notices by automating the creation of tasks and assigning them to the relevant department, employee, or vendor. The workflows are based on best practices in tax notice management, but can also be customized to meet the specific needs of your company. This feature makes the process of handling notices intuitive, easy to use, and flexible, saving time and reducing the risk of errors or missed deadlines. 

Image to show the document management

Document Management

This document management feature helps organizations to be more efficient by digitizing all tax and compliance notices, reducing the need for paper-based systems and the possibility of losing important notices. The built-in eSignature features further streamline the process by allowing for automated updating of important documents like POAs and Agents on File. By using this feature, companies can save time and money, as well as avoid fines, penalties, and interest that may be incurred due to lost or mismanaged notices. 

Image to show the simple user interface

Simple User Interface

The simple user interface of NOTICENINJA makes it user-friendly and easy to navigate, allowing for quick adoption by users. The consistent header layout and tabs across different screens make it familiar and intuitive, reducing the downtime that often comes with implementing new systems. The software's design prioritizes user experience and ease of use. 

Image to show the agency knowledgebase

Agency Knowledgebase

With NOTICENINJA’S Agency Knowledge base, you can keep all of your information in one place, making it easy to access and reference when you need it. This centralized repository helps ensure consistent and accurate information, and reduces the time and effort needed to find and manage the information you need. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, this feature will help you streamline your processes and improve the efficiency of your tax and compliance management efforts. 

Compilance Reporting 

Customizable Dashboards allow users to manage notices by priority, amounts, due dates and more. Graphs provide at-a-glance views of critical metrics while Management Reports allow users to dig deeper into the data.



Metrics & Data Visualization

Notice Management


Manage by priority, not chronologically.

Audit Trail – Keep an accurate and complete history of all changes made to notices and related information.

Reporting & Dashboards – Stay informed and make data-driven decisions with real-time visibility into notice information, including priority, status, due dates, and more.

Integration – Seamless integration with your existing systems, including ERP, accounting, and other business applications.

Data Security – Ensure the security of sensitive information with multi-layer security protocols and user permissions.

Collaboration – Collaborate with internal teams, clients, and vendors through shared workspaces, communication templates, and task assignments.

Improved Processes – Streamline and standardize your notice management process, resulting in improved accuracy, efficiency, and cost savings.

Customization – Configure the platform to meet your specific needs, including custom workflows, communication templates, and more.

Scalability – As your business grows, the platform can scale to accommodate increased volume, users, and requirements.

this image shows the dashboard

Agency Knowledgebase


Worker smarter. Retain your knowledge.

Having a comprehensive agency knowledge base can be a valuable asset for your organization. With NOTICENINJA, you can centralize all the important information regarding tax notice management in one place, making it easier for your staff to access and use. By having a shared knowledge base, your team can work more efficiently, as they can quickly find the information they need to handle tax notices.


Having access to agency addresses, contact information, and links to commonly used resources is crucial in tax notice management. With NOTICENINJA, you can store this information in one centralized location, making it easier for your staff to find and use. Additionally, the ability to add detailed notes, favorite links, and preferred contacts with ratings can further streamline the process by allowing your team to quickly access the most relevant information.

Agency addresses, contacts and notes

Links to agency resources

Preferred contacts and ratings

this images shows the people doing questions

Some additional ways NOTICENINJA makes life easier

Power of Attorney and tax document management

Mass communications

Amended return process workflow

Scan-to-capture (OCR) notice entry

Missing EIN tracking tool

Track and record calls to agencies

Import notice history

Import client data

Single Sign-on

Integrate with CRM and other third-party systems

Auto-notice assignment routing

Unlimited notice types

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